Friday, July 19, 2019
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A cashier at an Illinois convenience store is out of a job due to a video showing him questioning customers' citizenship
A cashier at an Illinois convenience store is out of a job after a video showing him questioning customers' citizenship went viral.

Opinion: 'Send her back' will be the Trump era's defining slogan
If you thought it couldn't get any uglier...

Crowd surprises Rep. Omar at airport with new chant
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) returns home to her district in Minnesota amid President Donald Trump's attacks.

Trump claims he disavows racist 'Send her back!' chant
• Opinion: 'Send her back' will be the Trump era's defining slogan • Ilhan Omar: Trump is 'spewing his fascist ideology'

Lemon and Cuomo reenact Trump's 13 seconds of silence
CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon recreated a moment at President Trump's campaign rally in North Carolina where he stood in silence for 13 seconds as the crowd chanted "Send her back!" in reference to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

CNN debate lineups are set
• CNN's David Chalian notes big difference in debate lineups • Tell us: What topics do you want covered during the debate?

A raging wildfire is burning nearly 7,000 acres in Arizona
• How to stay safe during this week's heatwave

He tried for years to join his daughter in the US. Now they're finally reunited -- at her deathbed

Feds indict and arrest former top officials at company that distributed millions of opioids
A federal grand jury has indicted pharmaceutical wholesaler Miami-Luken, two of its top former officials, and two pharmacists with conspiring to illegally distribute millions of prescription painkillers in some of the states hit hardest by the opioid epidemic, the Justice Department announced Thursday.

Utah school district settles with biracial boy who was dragged by a school bus
A Utah school district has settled a civil rights lawsuit by the family of a biracial student who was dragged by a school bus, the family's attorney told CNN Thursday.

Chicago officers fired over 'cover up' in the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald
Four Chicago police officers have been fired for covering up the 2014 fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald, a black teenager, the Chicago Police Board said Thursday.

Trump says US 'destroyed' an Iranian drone
• Get an inside look at the warship that destroyed Iranian drone • Iran seizes foreign oil tanker with 12 crew, state media says

House chaplain says prayer to cast 'dark spirits' from Congress
House Chaplain Pat Conroy prays to cast out "dark spirits" from Congress in light of President Donald Trump's attacks against four progressive Democratic congresswomen.

Analysis: Omar did 'go back' -- to Minnesota to talk health care
Ilhan Omar went back to where she was from.

Man who threatened to shoot and bomb a Harvard commencement for black students sentenced to prison
An Arizona man received 15 months in prison for threatening to bomb Harvard University and shoot attendees at its Black Commencement in 2017.

Congressman erupts at Trump's DHS chief
Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) confronted DHS chief Kevin McAleenan over the treatment of detained children at the border.

Keilar: Trump is lying. Watch the tape.
CNN's Brianna Keilar fact checks President Trump's claim that he spoke quickly after the crowd at one of his campaign rallies chanted "send her back," aimed at Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), echoing the sentiment from Trump's recent tweets about Omar and three other Democratic congresswomen of color.

GM unveils a radically new Corvette
General Motors has unveiled the eighth generation of the Chevrolet Corvette. The model is, arguably, the biggest change for the Corvette since the sports car was first introduced in 1953.

You know those metal rivets on your jeans? They could be going
For almost 150 years, denim jeans have been the hardy stalwart of fashion -- practically everyone, everywhere, owns a pair.

The 200th firefighter just died from a World Trade Center-related illness
New York City officials says that 200 firefighters have now lost their lives from illnesses stemming from their time working at the World Trade Center after the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.

The first 'Cats' movie trailer is here
The first trailer for the movie "Cats" has arrived.

NBA star comes to wife's defense
Chef and author Ayesha Curry was mocked for dancing the "Milly Rock." Her husband, NBA star Stephen Curry, is defending her.

Stick shift stymies thief who carjacked elderly man

Tiger Woods grimaces after opening shot
The first round of the British Open kicked off today, and the weather has not been friendly to players, with rain and wind making the conditions difficult.

Tom Cruise soars in 'Top Gun: Maverick' trailer

Bald eagle stolen from wildlife refuge
Someone stole a bald eagle from the Quogue Wildlife Refuge on Long Island, NY. Now police are searching for the suspect who was captured on surveillance camera leaving the refuge.

Plane crash-lands in front of beachgoers
A small plane was seen making an emergency landing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of a beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

What a doctor wishes patients knew about the end

No one wants the middle seat on airplanes. This design could change that
It is a truth universally acknowledged that middle seats on airplanes are the worst.

Woman billed $105,000 after 'dangerous' behavior forced flight diversion
A passenger whose "extremely disruptive behavior" caused a flight to be diverted with a military escort has been sent a bill for £85,000 ($105,000) and permanently banned from the airline.

Airline passenger uses TV with his bare feet
This video of a passenger operating his seatback TV with his bare feet has gone viral.

What rights do airplane passengers have?
After a Jamaican vacation ended in humiliation aboard an American Airlines flight in June, the ensuing controversy reignited debate about passengers' rights.

Flight attendant union calls cramped airplane seats 'torture'
Flight attendants feel the pain of cramped aircraft seats, too.

Destruction of animation studio is a terrible loss for humanity and art
The word "animate" comes from "anima," meaning soul, and by all accounts Kyoto Animation Studio (KyoAni) possessed plenty of soul. Its destruction Thursday, in a suspected arson attack that left 33 people dead in the country's worst mass killing in almost 20 years, is a terrible loss for both humanity and art.

Bodies found piled on staircase as Japan's worst mass killing in decades claims 33 lives
Grim details are starting to emerge from Japan's worst mass killing in almost 20 years, as police investigate why a man torched a renowned animation studio in Kyoto, killing 33 people.

Japan election: Surge of women candidates could reshape male-dominated parliament
One of the world's most unequal parliaments could be about to get a lot more female, or ... maybe not.

The week in 33 photos
Take a look at 33 photos of the week from July 12 through July 18.

It took him 13 years, but an NFL rookie finally bought his parents a house
What makes a house a home? For one rookie, it's a whole lot of faith, love and support.

Watch beachgoers race to save terrified toddler toppled from inflatable duck
A witness sprang into action after the wind pushed a toddler out across a lake on an inflatable duck.

That beautiful, Instagrammable backdrop is actually a toxic lake
Instagrammers have been warned not to dive into an idyllic-looking, turquoise lake in northern Spain, because its toxic waters could lead to health issues.

Trump misled us in his economic report. I'm setting the record straight
This year's report misconstrues well-established facts, cherry-picks data, relies on economic theories widely rejected by mainstream economists and entirely omits critical subjects. I correct the record in the Joint Economic Committee Democratic response to the report, which is mandated by law, and was released Monday.

Nestle introduces a new kind of chocolate
Nestle has introduced a new chocolate bar without added sugar, as the company tries to stay ahead of changing consumer tastes and trends.

Elon Musk is making implants to link the brain with a smartphone
Elon Musk wants to insert Bluetooth-enabled implants into your brain, claiming the devices could enable telepathy and repair motor function in people with injuries.

The roots of Trump's bullying
In the umpteenth scandalous moment of his reign, the President tweeted that four Congresswomen -- three homegrown Americans and one who became a citizen of the United States at age 17 -- should "go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came." The racism in this attack is appalling, but it is not the only form of deviance on display.

Epstein's indictment is just the tip of the iceberg
The fallout from the Southern District of New York's indictment of Jeffrey Epstein has already been seismic: Epstein, a well-connected billionaire, is currently behind bars, and Labor Secretary Alex Acosta has tendered his resignation. And this is just the start. The signs are all there that more people -- including the rich, powerful and well-connected -- may well tumble as the case unfolds.

A divided America once produced something great
Fifty years ago, America sent a man to the moon. It is a feat that will define our civilization in a thousand years.

Boyce's death shines a light on fatal stigma
The death of Cameron Boyce, the talented Disney actor who according to his family died in his sleep following a seizure at the age of 20, resonates deeply with the experiences of so many other families who have lost their loved ones to Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). Boyce's family has said his fatal seizure was the result of epilepsy, and while Boyce's final cause of death has yet to be determined, his tragic loss is a reminder that every year, about 1 in 1,000 people with epilepsy suddenly die. Among those whose seizures are not controlled by medicine, the rate rockets to a stunning 1 in 150.

'Bachelorette' sex argument comes at a bleak price
There are few more unifying spectacles than that of someone who seems terrible making a conspicuous fool of himself on television. This week, audiences -- and seconds later, Twitter -- lit up as Luke P., the villain of this season of reality dating show "The Bachelorette," was finally sent packing by his self-avowed true love, Hannah Brown.

Doctors: Prison health care is at a crisis point
Since President Donald Trump has taken office, 24 individuals have died in ICE custody, according to federal data analyzed by NBC News.

Backlash growing against Xi Jinping
The backlash abroad against President Xi Jinping's China, at least in developed nations, has spread rapidly in the last year.

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What today's space explorers learned from the 1969 moon landing
Fifty years after humans first stepped on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission, NASA has created a goal of landing the first woman and next man on the moon's South Pole by 2024. NASA has dubbed this path back to the moon Artemis, after Apollo's twin sister from Greek mythology.

Explore the moon, Mars and beyond in 360°

What to pack for your extraterrestrial vacation
Extraterrestrial travel is all the rage: Elon Musk's SpaceX has pledged to put the first humans on Mars. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has his sights set on the moon. And NASA wants to speed up its plan to send astronauts back into deep space.

Meet Yusaku Maezawa, first-ever space tourist
Diversity and inclusion are essential to modern space research and exploration. Private companies are democratizing the industry, like Elon Musk's SpaceX, which is sending the first-ever paying tourist to space, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa.

Apollo 11 taught us to dream big. Let's aim for more than Mars
Fifty years ago this month, humans took their first steps on the moon. For those of you too young to remember, it is hard to fully appreciate just how much that achievement engaged the entire planet. It certainly influenced me a great deal, even as a 5-year-old, setting me on a path that led me to become a professional scientist.

Europe may face another economic crisis

She recorded her boss's alleged sexual harassment -- and was jailed for it

African American duo launch 'Go back to Africa' campaign

Hikers' murder: 3 men sentenced to death
Three men have been sentenced to death over the murder of two young Scandinavian women in Morocco, the lawyer for one of the victim's family confirmed Thursday.

Flying ants invading UK seen from space
On one day every year, as per tradition, Britain is invaded by swarms of flying ants -- and this year, the insects arrived in such vast numbers they were seen from space.

6-year-old killed by golf ball hit by her dad
A six-year-old girl died Monday after she was hit in the head by a golf ball that her father hit, authorities said.

Disney calls heiress' investigation a 'stunt'

Protesters arrested at Hawaii's Mauna Kea for blocking construction of the Thirty-Meter Telescope
Hawaii's governor has issued an emergency proclamation as protests continue over the construction of a major new telescope.

Protesters call for justice for Eric Garner on anniversary of his death
Protesters rallied in New York Wednesday on the anniversary of the death of Eric Garner, an African-American father who died after officers tried to apprehend him five years ago.

True Thompson makes adorable cameo in Khloe Kardashian's video
The best part of Khloe Kardashian's new makeup tutorial is a sweet cameo by her one-year-old daughter, True Thompson.

'It Chapter Two' news stirs excitement
It's scary how excited people are for "It Two."



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