Friday, October 28, 2016
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Trump backers' bloody words of war
The vocabulary of armed conflict is inescapable in national political contests.

ISIS executes 232 near Mosul
ISIS has "executed" 232 people near Mosul and taken tens of thousands of people to use as human shields against advancing Iraqi forces, the UN says.

Senator mocks opponent's mixed-race background
Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk derided the military history of Rep. Tammy Duckworth's family during a Senate debate, questioning her ties to the American Revolution.

141 pipeline protesters arrested during 6-hour clash
Law enforcement officials have arrested scores of protesters at the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, lessening the chances of another full-scale demonstration early Friday.

Actor Mark Ruffalo protests with tribe in North Dakota
Actor Mark Ruffalo talks about protesting with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe to fight the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

Russian, and US military planes fly dangerously close
A Russian fighter jet and a US military plane flew dangerously close to each other while flying over Syria earlier this month, according to the Pentagon.

Sources: Biden on Cabinet list
Vice President Joe Biden's name has been mentioned, among others, as a potential choice for Secretary of State in a would-be Hillary Clinton administration, according to sources connected to the campaign and the transition team.

Eric Garner's family blasts Clinton
The daughter of a New York City man who died after he was put in a police chokehold blasted Hillary Clinton's campaign Thursday when WikiLeaks revealed email conversations about using her father's death to protest gun violence.

Michelle Obama: Clinton ready to be president on Day 1
During a rally in North Carolina, Michelle Obama touted Hillary Clinton's experience, telling the crowd that Clinton is more prepared to be president than either Bill Clinton or Barack Obama were.

Lohan really is aiding Syrian refugees
Did you hear the one about how Lindsay Lohan wants to help refugees in Turkey via an energy drink?

'Shark' was rock, mentor, role model in Detroit
Sgt. Kenneth Steil was a cop in a tough area, and his death was a heartbreaking loss to his family, the police department, and this city struggling to recover.

My Chipotle nightmare
Alex Simon believes Chipotle fired him for refusing to participate in, what he calls, its "shady practices."

U.S. economy posts best growth in 2 years
America finally got some good economic growth.

Tiger attacks trainer as kids look on
An animal trainer had to fight off a tiger after it grabbed and dragged her across the cage at the Pensacola Interstate Fair in Florida. HLN's Erica Hill reports.

Opinion: Clinton, Trump dodge tawdry issue
Both Clinton, Trump have each accused other of improperly using family nonprofits for personal benefit. It seems they're both right.

Republicans voting for Hillary Clinton
CNN's Randi Kaye speaks to lifelong Republicans in Florida who are voting for Hillary Clinton.

The week in 31 photos
Take a look at 31 photos of the week from October 21 through October 27.

Senate candidate escorted off debate stage
The Green Party candidate for Maryland senate, who was not polling high enough to be included in the debate, decided to take matters into her own hands.

Senator mocks opponent's family
Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk on Thursday derided the military history of Rep. Tammy Duckworth's family during a Senate debate, questioning her ties to the American Revolution.

'What to do if Russia invades' manual
If you invade, don't expect our people to make it easy for you.

Opinion: Is mass extinction inevitable?
The Earth's next mass extinction -- the first caused by people -- is on the horizon. And the consequences are almost unthinkably dire: Three-quarters of species could disappear.

Vine's dead. Is Twitter next?
Twitter announced plans on Thursday to kill off Vine, the short-form looping video app it acquired four years ago in an early effort to bring video to the social network.

Priceless Roman statue loses thumb in run-in with waiter
Picture it. You're part of a catering team, called in to serve at a corporate event at a prestigious museum.

Wife pleads for husband's re-election in hilarious ad
A political ad unlike any other; CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the wife who begs voters to take her hubby.

Dems can't get enough of FLOTUS -- Clinton knows it
President Barack Obama has less than three months left in the White House, and some Democrats aren't ready to say good bye -- to Michelle Obama.

Trump's tough road
Donald Trump got a morale boost this week -- but it likely won't be enough to propel him to the White House.

Flying cars are possibility, Uber says
Even George Jetson looks like a Luddite compared to the transportation utopia Uber envisions. Sure, Jetson had a flying car, but he still piloted it with a joystick.

The truth about 'patient zero' and HIV's origins
The man blamed for bringing HIV to the United States just had his name cleared.

Woman thinks she has kidney stones, gives birth instead
A Georgia woman went to the hospital emergency room with stomach cramping that she thought was kidney stones, but ended up giving birth to a baby.

NBC to tackle 'Bye Bye Birdie' starring Jennifer Lopez
NBC has officially picked its next live musical and the show's star. But it didn't have to look far.

Amy Schumer defends her 'Formation' vid
Amy Schumer is defending herself against criticism directed toward her this week following the release of a music video in which she and some celebrity friends pay homage to Beyonce's "Formation."

Viola Davis takes on poverty in hometown
You know her as the tough-as-nails defense attorney Analise Keating on the ABC series "How to Get Away with Murder." But in real life, actress Viola Davis fights for a different cause: ending poverty.

Tea vendor lands modeling gig after viral image
A tea vendor in Pakistan struck a modeling contract after his picture went viral on the Internet.

UW-Madison student charged in 5 attacks
One woman's allegations of sexual assault against a University of Wisconsin student led to multiple charges based on claims from five women

Stranded children spend night in derelict camp
Dozens of children were forced to spend the night in a partially demolished migrant camp in Calais after French authorities failed to find them a safe space to stay, aid groups said Friday.

Inmate to guards: 'I can't breathe'
With five prison guards on his back, Michael Sabbie takes a blast of pepper spray point-blank to the face. Guards then frog-march him to a nurse for a 40-second exam, take him to a shower, where he collapses, then toss him in an isolation cell.

See the video of the altercation
The medical examiner says Michael Sabbie died of natural causes. But his family says the for-profit jail where he was imprisoned should have done more to prevent his death.

World Series back in Wrigley Field after 71 years
For the first time in 71 years, Wrigley Field will host a World Series game.

Famed coaches sued by gymnast
Bela and Martha Karolyi, famed coaches of gymnastics legends, are being sued along with a former USA Gymnastics doctor by an ex-gymnast who says she was sexually assaulted by the physician.

Oregon standoff leaders acquitted
Seven people who were among the armed occupiers of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon earlier this year were acquitted Thursday of charges related to the 41-day standoff.

They made it to the White House despite scandals
Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are facing major scandals but one of them will survive and become President. They wouldn't be the first to do so.

This Danish ad throws Trump under the bus
Donald Trump can't stop rolling his eyes in Denmark.

Trump: Just declare me the winner
Donald Trump, trailing his opponent in key battleground states polls less than two weeks from Election Day, said Thursday he'd like to "cancel the election" and be declared the winner.

Melania Trump blasts husband's accusers
Donald and Melania Trump appear on "Good Morning America" to give their take on the campaign 12 days before the election.

Pence on plane skid: 10 seconds of uncertainty
A plane carrying Republican VP nominee Mike Pence skidded off a runway at New York's LaGuardia Airport Thursday night, though there were no injuries.

There was no 'vote flipping,' Mr. Trump, Texas official says
A social media post about ballot confusion in Texas has Trump stoking claims of electoral corruption, but local officials say there's not foundation for concern.

Republicans: No honeymoon if Clinton wins
So much for the honeymoon period. Republicans promise years of probes and blocked nominees.

Cruz hints at Supreme Court fight
Sen. Ted Cruz signaled Wednesday his interest in slow-walking any new Supreme Court appointments to fill the seat vacated by Antonin Scalia's death, arguing that there is precedent for leaving the ninth seat vacant.

Opinion: How Trump awakened a feminist revolution
There's something of a revolution spreading across social media in the United States and beyond.

Donald Trumpkin returns ... with a pumpkin posse
Behold Trumpkin the giant pumpkin! Jeanne Moos reports Trumpkin meets Clintkin in the political pumpkin patch.

Hack reveals Hillary-world vexed by 'Bill Clinton Inc.'
A handful of the emails and documents hacked from the private email account of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta, detail the at-times uncomfortable overlap between the family charity and the public and private sector careers of the Clintons, dating back long before Clinton's formal campaign for president began.

China: Japanese military jets using 'dangerous' tactics
Japanese military aircraft are increasingly engaging in dangerous intercepts of Chinese planes, putting the safety of Chinese fliers at risk and damaging bilateral relations, China's Defense Ministry said Thursday.

IRS impersonators accused of stealing millions
The victims' stories were heartbreaking, like the 85-year-old woman in San Diego who was fleeced out of $12,300.

About cranberry juice and UTIs...
Cranberries, cranberry juice and cranberry products are often recommended as a natural way to prevent urinary tract infections, but a new study suggests that this effort may be futile.

Man fights rare cancer with twin's identical stem cells
Bruce and Blair Johanson always knew that they were identical twins, even though a medical intern told their mother when they were born that they were fraternal. Fortunately for Bruce, the intern was wrong. Because they are identical, Blair was able to help save Bruce's life by donating stem cells to help him fight cancer.

Millions may starve to death here
The UN World Food Programme fears "an entire generation could be crippled by hunger" as the food crisis in war-torn Yemen grows worse.

Obama commuted more than previous 11 presidents combined
President Barack Obama commuted Thursday the sentences of 98 inmates, most of whom were convicted on drug charges, the White House announced.

Michael Phelps secretely got married
Here's one thing Michael Phelps did not Facebook Live.

Meet Megan Fox's new baby
All together now: Awwwwww.

Timberlake and Fallon belt out 'Ironic'
Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon reprised their Camp Winnipesaukee sketch, this time with Alanis Morissette's "Ironic."

Opinion: SNL gets Trump right
America's late night comedians have done a great job at returning Donald Trump to a role he excels in: a walking punchline, writes Dean Obeidallah.

Woman wins $1M teaching husband lotto lesson
A North Carolina woman set out to teach her husband a lesson about the lottery. Instead she was the one who got schooled.

See 'ghost photos' from 100 years ago
William Hope's photos of supposed ghosts were proved to be fake -- the result of double- and triple-exposure techniques -- but he continued the practice until his death in 1933.

Will Ferrell's 'Dubya' slams Trump
Will Ferrell's George "Dubya" Bush is back, and he's taking on Donald Trump and Billy Bush.

This first-time voter has a secret
Devon Leasure, a born and bred conservative going to school in the battleground state of Florida, shares why she and her friends are voting for Trump.

Finding family in a 'brokenhearted' Appalachian town
In February 2006, Matt Eich met Jessie Sellers at a car wash in rural Chauncey, Ohio. Sellers was washing dirt bikes, the tires thick with mud. He had coarse, dark hair and the shadow of a beard. He beckoned Eich over.

Opinion: Are justices supposed to be politicians in robes?
As a professor who teaches constitutional law, last week's final presidential debate disturbed me. And it was not necessarily the prospect of having a particular candidate elected who I'm concerned about. It was the back and forth on the Supreme Court.

Can urban farms feed our cities?
Large-scale urban agriculture is on the rise globally, with more and more farms appearing in our cities. A far cry from allotments and community gardens, urban farms occupy much bigger spaces; they can employ people, regenerate huge neighborhoods and give residents access to fresh produce on their doorsteps.

Suspect in Oklahoma killing posts to Facebook
Michael Dale Vance Jr. seems to be relishing his notoriety as fugitive since he allegedly shot two Oklahoma police officers October 23.

Lakeith Stanfield is the coolest dude on 'Atlanta'
There is no shortage of new TV shows vying for viewers' attention. Hopefully not lost in the chaos of dozens of series premieres? The great batch of fresh new talent poised to have breakout years.

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