Monday, October 05, 2015
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Debris found in ship search
The U.S. Coast Guard reported Sunday evening that it had discovered a 225-square-mile debris field in its search for the missing container ship El Faro.

House speaker race gets nasty

GOP could delay leadership votes
Some House Republicans are urging Speaker John Boehner to delay votes on several leadership positions, GOP aides said Sunday.

Opinion: 'Govern by crisis' model is broken
Speaker John Boehner's announced resignation from Congress marks the inevitable fall of a speakership marred by internal Republican friction, raw partisanship and loss of influence for our great institution. And the next speaker will suffer the same fate unless he or she approaches the job entirely differently.

World's best (and weirdest) photos for sale
A growing demand for high-end art among wealthy Chinese investors has resulted in a raft of new art fairs and auctions throughout the country -- but it's not only art that's benefiting from China's new found spending power.

Not over yet: '1,000-year' rain in SC
This is the kind of deluge that might happen only once every 1,000 years.

Small hero dog scares off bears
In Monrovia, California, a 20-pound French bulldog scared off 3 bears that got into the family home. KCAL/KCBS reports.

UN calls ISIS' destruction of Palmyra antiquities 'a war crime'

Witness: Oregon killer executed woman in wheelchair

Al-Assad: Middle East may 'be destroyed'
Russia is intensifying its airstrikes in Syria, which it says have "considerably reduced" the combat potential of militants.

N.Korea to release NYU student
North Korea is set to release Won-moon Joo, a South Korean student at New York University whom it detained in April, the South Korean Unification Ministry said.

Coast Guard spots debris field
The U.S. Coast Guard reports it has located a 225-square-mile debris field comprised of Styrofoam, wood, cargo and other items. CNN's Poppy Harlow has the details.

Container 'appears to be' from missing El Faro
TOTE Maritime says in a statement that a recovered container appears to be from the missing ship El Faro. CNN's Tom Sater has more details.

Colbert gets serious over shooting
Stephen Colbert took a moment on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to respond to the Oregon shooting that killed nine people.

Amber Rose's SlutWalk sparks debate
Amber Rose, an actress and model known for her personal style and steady position on the gossip pages, staged a "SlutWalk" in Los Angeles on Saturday that has folks debating the usefulness of the term and what it represents.

Erotic watches: The next trend?
This week, Hong Kong plays host to Watches and Wonders, an exhibition organized by the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH).

On the wrong side of history? 7 cases to consider
He was a poor, frail teenager who would have melted away into history, but Reuben Dagenhart became the central character in one of the U.S. Supreme Court's most notorious cases.

What 2016 race could do to the Supreme Court
The Supreme Court isn't usually a hot topic in the early days of a presidential campaign.

Shark bites; teen punches back
A blacktip shark bit a teenager at a Volusia County, Florida, beach Sunday, local officials told CNN.

'River from the Sky' brings life-changing water

These people are making a difference
They're your neighbors, your colleagues, your friends. They are CNN Heroes, each of whom shows how one person can make a difference. Watch CNN and on October 8 as the Top Ten Heroes are announced.

Redneck or blue collar? Words matter

Bourdain's most under-rated destination

Lockdown in Jerusalem
Israeli police say they are restricting access to the Old City of Jerusalem after two Israelis were killed by a Palestinian man on a street in the historic neighborhood Saturday.

Four 'Transformers' movies coming
The "Transformers" movie franchise has been raking in money (and mostly bad reviews) since 2007, but it's not anywhere near finished.

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