Friday, September 04, 2015
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11-year-old, home alone with young sister, shoots and kills intruder

'I want to bury my children and sit beside them until I die'

Trump blasts 'gotcha question'
Donald Trump said Thursday he believes getting asked about the heads of major terrorist organizations amounts to a "gotcha question."

Denali and what's in a name?
There's power in naming.

China's blue sky gone already
Well, that was quick.

'Significant' video in cop's death?
Police may soon have "significant" evidence to announce in this week's killing of an Illinois police officer, including footage from a home security video system in the area of the shooting.

You should see this Corvette now

Heart doc's unorthodox prescription
Cardiologist Dr. David Sabgir thought he was doing everything he could to help his patients. 

City map from cat's purr-spective
It almost feels like a Haruki Murakami novel: A new tool lets you experience a Japanese town from a cat's eye-view, and even hang out with the neighborhood cats.

Biden: 'Would not hesitate' to run

World's biggest twin-engine jet has foldable wings
Boeing finalized designs for the 777X, which has folding wings and is expected to be the world's largest twin-engine jet when it begins service in 2020.

Rare pygmy killer whales stranded in Mississippi
Two pygmy killer whales are now in expert care after they were discovered trapped in a shallow marsh. CNN affiliate WLOX has more.

Same-sex marriage: Clerk in jail

Model rescues man at sea for 13 hours

Would Clinton be this bold today?
It's still Hillary Clinton's most iconic moment.

What a meeting with Putin looks like
Take a look at 35 photos of the week from August 28 through September 3.

5 things for your new day
A Syrian toddler becomes the symbol of an international crisis. A federal Judge locks up a Kentucky clerk. And Donald Trump takes the pledge.

'With certainty,' it's from MH370

Crying killer's stunning words at parole hearing
The man convicted of killing a mother and her daughter says he won't fight for parole again. CNN affiliate WCVB reports.

Trump, in 750 million words

Migrants refusing to leave train
Europe is in the midst of an unprecedented human migration. Fleeing war, fearing for their life, and dreaming of a better life far from the poverty and upheaval of their unstable nations, thousands are flocking to Europe's shores. The migrants and refugees risk their lives in rickety boats and cramped lorry containers -- only to be greeted by governments who can't agree on how, or if, to welcome them.

She wants her name off licenses
According to the Liberty Counsel, Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who is refusing to sign same-sex marriage licenses, wants her name taken off the license.

GOP candidates rally around her
Republican presidential candidates rallied around the Kentucky clerk taken into custody Thursday for not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Opinion: Was it right to put her in jail?
A federal judge was right to hold in contempt and jail Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

A look at his empire
Real estate developer and entrepreneur Donald Trump has been in the spotlight for years.

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