Friday, February 05, 2016
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Huge fire can be seen from space
Satellite images released by NASA show the extent of smoke plume from a huge blaze inside one of India's largest garbage dumps.

Zika: Just kill all mosquitoes?
The mosquito was never going to win any popularity contests, but as the "deadliest animal in the world" spreads the Zika virus, it's become the target of tough talk and powerful pesticides.

'Affluenza' teen sent to adult jail
Teenager Ethan Couch, convicted in a 2013 fatal drunken-driving crash, has been transferred from a juvenile to an adult jail, Tarrant County, Texas, Sheriff Dee Anderson said Friday.

Best Super Bowl ever? 5 reasons
Super Bowl 50 and the hoopla surrounding it is upon us. Yes, many will look forward to the commercials, the halftime show and the watch parties. But there's a big thing that Super Bowl 50 viewers shouldn't overlook: THE GAME!

Gunmen open fire in Ireland hotel
Gunmen, including two disguised as police and another one as a woman, burst into a Dublin hotel on Friday and opened fire, killing one, Irish police said.

How bad is this garbage fire?
On any regular morning in the bustling port city of Mumbai in western India, a thick, yellow-gray pall hangs over the city. Driving on one of the metropolis' highways, buildings just dozens of meters away are hard to make out through the early morning smog.

$63M lottery ticket 'too damaged'
A man who claims he bought a $63 million winning ticket in the California lottery is suing, saying he was told the ticket was "too damaged" and disallowed for the jackpot.

Louisville bans self from tourney
Graduate transfers Damion Lee and Trey Lewis headed to Louisville in hopes of getting to take part in March Madness for the first time.

Could Sanders lead U.S. into war?
Even Bernie Sanders admits that he's not done enough to explain his foreign policy positions.

The week in 33 photos

Building falls after quake in Taiwan
A magnitude-6.4 earthquake shook southern Taiwan early Saturday, the United States Geological Survey said.

198 Iraq detainee photos released
The Pentagon released 198 photos Friday, several of which appear to show injuries suffered by detainees after allegedly experiencing abuse while held in Iraq and Afghanistan during the George W. Bush administration.

Sanders a prolific Dem fundraiser
Bernie Sanders complained on the campaign trail Friday that dialing for dollars "affects your entire being." What he didn't mention: The Vermont senator and presidential candidate is a prolific fundraiser himself and has regularly benefited from the Democratic Party apparatus.

Doctor sentenced in OD deaths
A Southern California doctor convicted of murder in connection with the overdose deaths of three of her patients was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison Friday by a judge in Los Angeles.

Man who walked on moon dies
Edgar Mitchell, one of just 12 human beings who walked on the moon, has died, according to his ex-wife, Anita Mitchell.

Barbara Bush: I'm sick of Trump
Former first lady Barbara Bush has braved the New Hampshire snow and hit the campaign trail for her son Jeb Bush. CNN's Jamie Gangel reports.

Boy sentenced for killing girl over puppy
An 11-year-old boy in Jefferson County, Tennessee, has been sentenced to spend the next eight years in juvenile prison for the murder of an 8-year-old girl, according to a court document.

Kerry: Russian bombs killing 'large numbers' of women, children
Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday accused Russia of bombing women and children "in large numbers" in Syria.

Officials: Suspect sucked from plane
A laptop computer may have concealed the explosives that ripped a hole in a Somali airliner Tuesday, according to a source familiar with the investigation and a Western official based in Mogadishu.

Bush camp puts Santorum in ad
Jeb Bush's campaign is pouncing Marco Rubio's resume — or lack thereof — in a new, edgy TV ad that features Rick Santorum's now-famous interview and draws a contrast to Bush's record as former Florida governor.

So much for Trump's new strategy
So much for a new strategy.

Becoming a Budweiser Clydesdale
It's baby boom season in Boonville, Missouri. As Super Bowl excitement grows across the country, John Soto keeps his cell phone handy, and his shoes near the door. The call can come any time. When it does, the next American icon will be born within minutes.

370-mph 'bullet' fueled by batteries
Speed freaks have been flocking to Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats for more than a century.

Julian Assange declares victory
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange declared victory Friday, expressing vindication over a U.N. panel's judgment that the Swedish and UK governments have "arbitrarily detained" him since 2010.

Does the game have a future?

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